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Direct current arc torch with an increasing volt-ampere characteristic, comprises a two-part housing (1) with a supporting body member (101) into which the second, conical body member (2), is screwed in by means of a thread, in whose lower cylindrical groove (201) an anode (4) has been inserted with a conical opening (418) of a divergent channel, continued with a divergent channel with an opening (413) of the middle anode segment (408), and ending with a convergent channel with an opening (406) of the anode segment (404) adjoining the cathode, abutting on the gas inlet (302) with an inserted cathode (3) placed in the opening (110) of the middle member (104) of the housing, with an inserted isolating sleeve (106) and conducting sleeve (107), which part (104) of housing is fixedly inserted inside isolating sleeve (103) placed inside the supporting member (101) of the housing. For supplying the working gas to the cathode (3) and the anode (4), a connecting opening (122), distributing channels with discharge openings in the middle part (104) of the housing, as well as in the anode set members, have been made. For supplying and discharging the cooling water, an opening (108) and a connecting opening (119) were made, mutually joined inside the housing (1) and a lower conical member (2) with circular, horizontal, vertical and slanting channels. For supplying direct current, a generator (5) has been placed, whose (+) pole is connected to the opening (119), (-) pole directly to the sleeve (107) and (+) pole via a switch (501) on the opening (122).